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It’s kind of sad

That we have to draw comics using colorful shapes

To explain systematic inequality to people

This picture doesn’t make sense to me.  The wall is only made of red brick.   The pentagon, triangle, and trapezoid could easily go grab a hammer and chisel and make it through in a few minutes while still being themselves.  Just because something is easy for one person, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy for everyone.  That’s how life is.  That doesn’t mean some people are “privileged” while others are not.  Life is not fair and sometimes you’re going to have to work a little harder at some things that come naturally to others.  That’s a fact of life and if you expect things that are easy for other people to always be easy for you too….then you’re in for one hell of a wake up call one day. 

But that’s the thing. Systematic oppression refers to generations of people being kept in low positions of power, being kept out of schools, being refused the right to own land, the right to vote, etc. When a certain group, whether we’re talking about race or gender, has been oppressed for so long, it is VERY difficult and almost impossible for them to succeed in areas of life where other’s would thrive (because they were never an oppressed group).
Yes people can work hard to take down that red brick wall. But it’ll be like digging at it with a plastic spoon. It’s the unfortunate and fucked up truth of the world.

Its eather this comic or another very much like it that shows the circle getting upset about the triangle cutting its own hole because it couldn’t fit.

I like how they’re trying to argue that some people can just slip through a hole naturally, and others have to “go grab a hammer and chisel,” but that doesn’t mean that the circle is privileged. That’s pretty much exactly what being privileged is, dude.

It’s not that the other shapes are saying “Why isn’t it as easy for me?” It’s that the circle is saying “It’s so easy, why aren’t you happy?” It’s that the tools are on the circle’s side of the wall, and the circle doesn’t understand why the other shapes even need them. It’s that the circle looks down on the other shapes, because they don’t fit like it does.

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